Monday, September 5, 2011

Pink tips tutorial

Here is something I attempted on sunday. I've recently been inspired by the way Hong Kong salons do acrylic nails, they tend to be really cute neutrals with a bit of girly accents. I don't want acrylics, but I thought that I might be able to recreate the look with a thick topcoat.
Basically, it's a sponge gradient tutorial, with a bit of flair.

My pink gradient nail tutorial

step 1: start with a sheer pink jelly

step 2: using a sponge, dab an opaque pink from the tip and and I also did a sort of a french mani here (I paint a bit on the sponge, then dab with it)

step 3: blend a hot pink from the tip into opaque pink with the sponge

step 4: I decided to add some opaque pink dots!

step 5: I added gold dots at the tips but it turned out a bit messy. After that, I put on a topcoat and it really softens the texture from the sponge.

polishes used:

transparent pink OPI Heart Throb

opaque pink ORLY Cotton Candy

hot pink ORLY Feelin Hot Hot Hot

gold ORLY Luxe

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