Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sharpie Nail Art

I'm sure many have thought of it before - why not draw on your nails with a Sharpie marker? I have tried and here is what I found out:
  • It bleeds and smudges when you put a topcoat over it pretty badly.
  • It rubs off almost easily - don't even think about washing your hands without a topcoat!
  • Wears off the edges pretty much instantly (I had to do a few touch ups for the photo, even)
  • A basecoat is a must, because I'm sure they will stain your nails if touching them directly.

If you can get past this - and I have, Sharpies are pretty fun and easy way to sometimes do precise black lines and drawings on your nails. I really want to try this again, but maybe without making the tips black because the need too much maintenance. The base polish for this mani is Illamasqua Load.

Have you ever tried using Sharpies/other unorthodox materials on your nails?


  1. I don't know just how different this is but I've done a manicure with a roller ball pen. When put directly on the nail it was a pain to take off. So what I did was paint my nails then put a coat of matt polish over it and wait for it to dry. Once completely dry I drew on it and covered it with TC. I had no bleeding and it lasted for 4 days.

    1. Ooh really! Over a matte TC, that's a great idea!
      I need to try this :D

  2. hmmm just a thought: how about a gel pen like Sakura Gelly Roll? or something not based on solvents like Sharpies :)

    anyway thank you for sharing your experience with doing nailart with markers. It's all for the science, right? ;)



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