Monday, January 28, 2013

Essence - Modern Romance

This is another nude! I've been into neutral shades lately and this is a beauty - a peachy pink with subtle pink to orange shimmer and a nice squishy texture. Wearing 3 coats, but it looks fantastic at 2, where it shows the nail line. It's slightly jellylike, but builds up in 3 coats. I love it!
So far, Essence polishes have been nothing but awesome - great duochromes, awesome price, unique colors - what's not to want? 
I like their other makeup, too (I'm looking at YOU, liquid eyeliner and lipglosses!) but this is a polish blog, so I digress.
I don't think I can ever get enough neutrals... I'm getting close to finding the perfect shade for my skin though. Thoughts on "nude with a flair" polishes?


  1. I love Essence too! They're somewhat cheap and have great colors/formulas. I have yet to pick any from the "new" Colour&Go assortment, but soon, soon ;)

    I never get tired of nudes either! They're my "go-to" shade when I don't know what else to wear lol

    1. Cheap formula, I agree - one of the eyeshadows in a quad is nothing but fallout, but the rest have been good.
      I'm glad you likes nudes too, I feel like reaching for them more and more lately and I don't have to feel so guilty anymore!

  2. Love this one, I own this one too ♥



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