Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Delicious duochrome - layering with Nfu-oh 51 and Revlon Royal

Coming back to kickass duochromes - Nfu-oh 51. A purple jelly base with iridescent purple to green to gold flakies and a scattered pigment of the same nature. This polish colorshifts like nobody's business and it's great! I've shown it here before, but this time... I can show you the full range!
It's layered over Revlon Royal. 

Let's start with this:
Looks purple, right?
Wait a minute
You can see the gold in this
Oooh there it goes!

Nothing better than wearing a few colors at once, eh?


  1. oh holy crap, that one is gorgeous! I think #51 is one of my biggest lemmings right now, but Nfu-Oh is so friking hard to get >_>

    1. Yeah, it's pretty hard to find... I had to get mine from fabulousstreet



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