Thursday, November 8, 2012

These were my Halloween nails

I'm posting these a little late, but these were my Halloween nails! I really love the look of the drippy blood nail art and I've done it before, so I neeeeded to do it again. Base: Elf - Nude, blood drips in - Essie Jelly Apple and accent it WnW Black creme.
I wasn't really feeling too festive for Halloween this year for some reason, but I did like seeing all the related nail art. Of course, I got my fair share of candy and the chocolate eating done and because of that, it makes a great holiday in my book.
I'm going to say this: buying Halloween candy in an organic grocery this year has been a great idea - it was seriously amazing! I know I'm going back next year.


  1. ooh those look great! I did a mani inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, but my nailart skills are not nearly as good as yours :p

    1. Thank you! I didn't see your halloween nail art yet - can't wait to check it out when you post it!

  2. Your nail shape make the blood drips looks so perfect!



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