Saturday, November 24, 2012

Stripey french tips manicure

What's this? A french manicure? Stop looking at me like I'm crazy!
Nice and nude base, stripey tips - something I've been wanting to try for a while and my nails are the right length for it! Base it L'Oreal Sweet Nothings and white and black nail art polishes were used as well. They turned out surprisingly nice, I'll have to try this again. Wearing a french manicure for the first time made me feel so dainty, even though it wasn't a traditional version by any means. I think with my nails so long, it may have looked tacky if it wasn't for the stripes. When I cut them short, that might be another story.

What do you think of french manicures? 


  1. that is so cute!
    I think I've done french manis twice in the years I've been into polish. They're not my favorite look lol. Recently I did one with shades from the OPI Ballet and that came out really natural and soft, I liked it :)

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's kinda how I feel about em - never liked the look, but the opi ballets were tricking me into a semi-nude nail I liked :D

  2. I like French manicures on others, but they aren't for me >.<
    I really like yours! The black stripes really add to it & make it look cool and unique.

  3. I love the brush strokes...its so artsy and cute!!



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