Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nubar - Indigo Illusion

Oh my god... this is the strangest polish

Today is an especially picture-heavy update. Click read more to see the rest of the post/photos.

Bet you want to see what it shifts to, huh? Check this out:

It's grey, green, orange, pink, purple and gold at the same time, yet there is never a hint of blue or indigo on this polish. In fact, then I got it, I was a little sad to see the bottle was not at all blue. However, I was not disappointed then I wore it.

This was the bottle of sadness:

Which then became this:

A sheer formula builds up to full opacity in 3 coats. Due to watery texture it dries fast, the color shift is very strong even in the shade/any light. It's almost ethereal in quality, the color shift doesn't seem that extreme in the photos but is dramatic in person. Probably the most unique polish I currently own, this one is a great multichrome!


  1. Woah! That colour shift is pretty cool.

  2. Love Nubar's Duochrome/multichromes! I'm surprised how similar this looks to Nubar Life's a Beach.

    1. It's a little more blue/gold as opposed to life's a beach, but I looked it up (and saw your blog!)and it just looked lovely!

  3. Woah, amazeballs color shifting! o.o



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