Monday, August 27, 2012

1 year blog anniversary! ♥

I wish for... more friends!

Happy birthday to my blog! Nailzilla turns 1 year old as of today.
I'm pretty happy that I've been able to keep this running through a move to a different city, lack of a computer and a new job.
It's gone through layout changes, got its own domain, finally has high quality camera for pictures.
Along the way, I've learned that simple is better, so my latest layout is reflecting this. 
Today my stash sits at around 400 polishes and still growing. I'm all for doing a purge, but that time will come. I've gone through neon, glitter, jelly and nail art kicks, grew the longest nails I've ever had and hauled foreign polish.
Today I'm proud to say that I don't want to stop blogging! I've never really ran a blog before, so having a place to write about polish and a place to show people my hobby has made me very happy. 
Your comments inspire me and make my day. Thanks to you, readers!

 I'm going to be doing a giveaway to celebrate this occasion, so look forward to more free goodies!

♥Please let me know if you'd like to be on the blogroll and/or if you have any feedback about my layout - I'm always looking to improve♥


  1. Cutest graphic ever! Congrats :D

  2. Love your illustration! :D
    and I'm glad I stumbled upon your blog, it's one of my favorites. I love your creativity for manis and writing style.

    If you do a purge/sale let me know, k'?? ;P

    1. Thanks a million! I will let you know, because that has to happen soon :D

  3. Congratulations!!! Your blog is one of my all time top ten favs!!!

  4. congrats! you're doing a great job, one of my favorite blogs to read =)

    1. Thankyou! It's super happy to hear that :D

  5. Congratulations! I wish you more and more years of awesome blogging and of course lots of nail polishes ;)

  6. Happy blogiversary - and to many more :)
    I love the bday 'zilla!

  7. I'll be your friend :oP

    Happy Anniversary



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