Tuesday, July 3, 2012

OPI Fly again

A simple set of nails for the moving hassle - I am in transition right now and probably will be for a week or so. I did get to walk to work today though, which is a huge plus! I can't wait to get at the rest of my stash and show you my new pretties in a Korean haul I recently got from The Cutest Makeup <3
I do have a few pictures in the backlog, so don't worry - there will be updates! I will also be doing a 500 follower giveaway once I'm settled in, so look forward to that happening in a little while.

In regards to OPI fly, this photo is a lot more true to color than my other entry on Fly <- it's a lot bluer than it should be in the old picture. 
Again, lovely formula and just blue enough for me to love this teal. I might even buy a full size I love it that much! I don't have anything like this in my collection and I'm surprised by how much I love this. Yay for Fly!


  1. Looks gorgeous on you!
    Does it stain? I usually have that problem with blues/teals

    I hope your moving goes smoothly~

    1. I haven't found it too staining, but it did stain when I wore it back then. This could be due to a new base coat I'm using - SH Hard as nails. Haven't had staining since trying it!

  2. I hope your move goes well! I can't wait to see your Korean haul!!

    1. Thank you! Yes, pics incoming as soon as I settle ;D



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