Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dear RUS discoloration 560

Normal look


Index finger: hot

Long time no see! I've actually finally got around to swatching and trying Dear RUS Discoloration 560, a part of a haul I got last year! (oh my gaawd it's been that long?)

560 is a dusty blue when cold (like in the bottle) and a seafoam green when heated up (on the nail). If your nails are long enough, it makes for a "funky french" effect and it changes color through the day! My hands tend to get pretty cold sometimes, so it's really neat to see it change and I have people asking "I thought you were wearing blue? How did you change it so fast?", which makes me feel like a magician.
The formula is a little prone for bald spots, so 3 coats is the optimum coverage for me. Shorter nails will not have this problem. The polish dries matte with a shimmer, which gives it a suede finish and with a topcoat, it's a very pretty color! Drying time is awesome, as with most matte polishes; wear is decent, I got 3 days of wear without chipping and some tipwear. In conclusion, I do love color changing polish and it's hard to find one with a very big difference between the 2 colors - this polish is just right! Dear RUS can be ordered through Tadukhipa over at The Cutest Makeup


  1. I love the funky french look :D
    Plus, a polish that's really two is a winner in my book. I can imagine the startled looks of your muggle friends who thought you changed your polish :p

    1. Hurray! Yeah, I love startling people. Such as with holos... "oh that's a nice blu-OH MY GOD IS THAT A RAINBOW"



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