Thursday, June 21, 2012

Nail art - Konad and neons!

It's been a dreary spring and an even colder, rainier summer. This sort of situation calls for a neon... but which one? Why not all of them? I used SH Xtreme wear Blue Me Away, Illamasqua Collide, Jo'Mina and Rare from index to pinky. I love the Illa neons, they are so creamy and opaque and don't need underwear! After that, Konad plates and topcoat. Funny enogh, I can never get the designs to go full length of the nail... I have issues stamping because my c curve is very pronounced, so they either end up covering a half of the nail or smudging. However, it does get better with practice, so that's always encouraging. 

Come on, summer! Show me the sun! I want to wear holographics~
What are some of your favorite rainy day polishes?


  1. This looks great, I love all the bright colors!

  2. I am loving this latest tendency, a lot of my favorite bloggers are bringing out the neons :) Makes me happy. It's the first day of winter for me, but I'm in denial and I'm totally wearing Zoya Arizona tomorrow, lol :)

    1. Yay for neons! I've never tried a Zoya polish but I do love the look of their flakies and their metally-looking bright shimmer polishes... they do that finish really well.



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