Wednesday, May 16, 2012

OPI Absolutely Alice

A dusty hunt success!
I have't gone hunting for a while and have slowed down buying polish overall, but this is a nice find I would like to share with you. Unfortunately, the bottle is only a 3rd full, but it's more than enough glitter for me. Absolutely Alice was a part of the Alice in Wonderland movie tie-in OPI collection in 2009, I believe. 
It's a bit sheer in the first 2 coats and builds nicer after the 3rd coat. It dries fast with a slightly gritty finish. However, it's a lot less gritty than other glitters I wore. With a topcoat, it's even and shines like a mirror!
Glitter applied smoothly, it felt like it was a bit more finely milled than other glitter, which made the texture so easy to work with. And for the look... it's fantastic. Such an interesting and deep blue - I did not expect to love Absolutely Alice as much as I did!
If you like blue glitter and can get your hands on AA, don't hesitate - it's got an awesome formula and looks fantastic.


  1. Beautiful!!!! :D

  2. This polish is one of the most beautiful blue ones i've seen. ♥

  3. I think I need to hunt for this myself LOL

  4. I passed on this when it came out and only got Mad As A Hatter...I wish I would have gotten Absolutely Alice too!!!

  5. Gorgeous! This has been on my wishlist for awhile!



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