Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Glitter experiments - Iridescent Honeycomb

I've been waiting to experiment with those tiny jars of Korean glitters again and here is the result!
The base color is OPI- Heart Throb and the accent is ORLY Luxe.

I did 3 coats of the base color, then while it was tacky, applied a bit of topcoat to a dotting tool, grabbed the glitter with the dotting tool and placed it on the nail, pushing it in a tiny bit. Once it has dried a little more, I applied 2 layers of topcoat to try and smooth it out. I was really happy that the hex glitter on my index finger lined up so well! The pattern came out better than I could've imagined... the honeycomb look with iridescent flashes off the glitter pieces just looked GREAT. They flashes pink, green and gold!

The middle and pinky fingers were done in a similar way. The glitters were placed using dotting tools on tacky polish and then covered with topcoat. I really liked these are well, they made really fun accents to jelly nails.

The gold accent, however, I did not like. It's probably the color itself, but the glitter also gets lost in it. Technically it did not fall apart and glitter stayed on, but to me, it was the least successful out of all the fingers.

In conclusion, I loved the look but this lasted 2 days on me because of the texture. I had to file down some of the glitter, since it had rough edges. I'm also a big weirded out by having stuff that sticks out on my nails (even though it looks pretty nice). I will continue the glitter experiments, since they provide a lot of opportunities and combinations.

What do you think of chunky glitter? Any ideas on what to try next with them?


  1. I LOVE your ring finger! So awesome looking!

  2. This looks amazing, so unique!
    I love it.

  3. Love your middle and pinkie fingers - very cute!!

  4. love the honeycomb! you are very patient to place those one by one :)

  5. hmm for some reason this post didn't show up on my feed :0
    but anyway, this is so pretty! i really like that opi base you used. the whole mani is so goddess/princess like! the iridescent glitter pieces are frikkin bomb :D



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