Thursday, April 12, 2012

OPI Ballet spring 2012- My Pointe Exactly and Experiments

Experiment 1:
Thesis: it should work nicely, should come out looking like a rainy day.
I wanted to do a jelly sandwich with Whimsical again, so I used my newly acquired OPI My Pointe Exactly to sandwich the glitter. MPE is a grey jelly, one of the "sorbet" finishes with a grey tint. It tends to mute glitter a little bit, but with Whimsical, it worked perfectly. The light blue and pink glitters showed up well and stood out, but the little 'secret' blue glitter unfortunately got lost in the jelly. Otherwise, it turned out perfectly light and airy, a subtle jelly sandwich! It's a bit hard to work with grey polishes since they wash out the color, but I still love the way this particular manicure came out.
Results: success! It's showing the color of the glitter, while still giving it a subtle murkiness of a raincloud.

Experiment 2:

Thesis: glitter should shine through the grey jelly, like a good glitter sandwich should.
Here is my attempt at using nail art glitter within the jelly, I have applied 1 layer of MPE, then stuck on glitter, then another layer. I ended up removing this mani due to the way it looked, I did not like how the glitter became too muted in just a single coat. I'd say MPE is decent at sandwiching very light colored glitter, because it tends to wash out the bright and colorful glitter.
Result: failure! Glitter becomes dulled due to milkiness of the polish.

bonus fail:

Ewww. This porridge looking thing is OPI MPE with China Glaze - Some Like it Haute underneath. This monster ate 3 layers of topcoat, so I gave up. Also it scares me... what have I created!!

So the final verdict on My Point Exactly is that it's a little bit milky, which makes it exceedingly hard to sandwich with. Other OPI Sorbets are completely transparent, there is no trace of milkiness, which makes for perfect sandwiching polishes. Muted glitter should work best with My Pointe Exactly.


  1. Cool experiments! Thanks for swatching!

  2. i really like what you did with whimsical in your first experiment! i've tried layering it over different sheer/jelly polishes but none of mine have turned out well, because the milkiness of the polish ends up greying whatever i combine it with, giving me a weird zombified color :<

    1. Yeah, the 'zombie effect' is what I'm getting too... I'm happy you like the Whimsical sandwich though! I'm happy it was a success as well :D

  3. Beautiful combinations!! I like the last one too! :D

    1. it looks pretty when wet... when drying, it becomes like sticky porridgey and matte 0_0 odd stuff

  4. cool experiments, thanks for sharing, I specially love the first one, with Whimsical :D

    Which shades did you get from this collex? I like them all, and considering getting the mini set first to try them out. So far I want the grey, white and pink jellies :) (and this from a girl who NEVER wears sheers)

    1. I only got MPE, but I was liking the pink and the white shades (we've got similar tastes!) but I'm not sure since they're a little too sheer for me? I do like the clean look though. The white jelly is something I'm PROBABLY going to buy when I see it next. It's so pretty... :D

  5. great tries :) Look forward to seeing more experiments!



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