Friday, March 30, 2012

Starry Jelly Sandwich

Here's a few examples of how the glitter shines through the jelly.

For this experiment, I decided to try one of the glitters I got, as a jelly sandwich!
I used OPI Too Pink to Hold Em and little glitter stars I found.
First, I started with one layer of TPTHE and then stuck on the stars using tweezers on the wet polish. I pushed them down a little bit and waited for the coats to try. Then, I proceeded to put 2 more coats over the nails and 1 extra coat of polish over the stars, since they were sticking out a little bit. I ended up using two coats of topcoat as well, but I still was a little bit of edge stick out. The good thing is that the glitter looked GREAT! Suspended in pink/red jelly, still shining through it like glass. I think this one was a success! I'm going to need to try more of those glitters and get really creative.

In regards to the giveaway:
I want to prepare a new giveaway again, since I'm very behind... but before I do, I'm going to try and get everything packaged and mailed out this weekend hopefully.
This is so exciting!


  1. I love thiis polish *-* it's a nice colour and fshdflkds live colooooourr perfect in spring and summer I think!
    I'm very excited about your new giveaway :)

    1. I love this jelly as well! It's soooo juicy~

  2. cool! I love the Texas sorbets because they let the holo-ness shine through :D Here's a jelly sammich I did with Guy Meet Gal-veston (which I got thanks to your awesome review + swatch :)

    (and please, excuse my huge gap -.-)

    1. I saw it... AND I LOVED IT!
      Yess, thanks for showing me :D



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