Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Porcelain nail art with Illamasqua Load

For this manicure, I really wanted to create a teacup kind of look, so I went with Illamasqua Load as the base and went crazy with dotting tools and the GOSH Matte Topcoat.
I started with the leaves first, by dragging a drop of green polish over the base color. After it dried, I made the petals, then the muddles with a peach color. After they tried, I covered them with Seche Vite, a fastdry topcoat. I really like how it evens out all imperfections...with a perfectly smooth set of nails, I appied the matte topcoat and voila! 
Perfectly smooth matte porcelain nails! 

Do you have a favorite tea/coffee mug? If so, have you tried to recreate it on your nails?


  1. ooooooooooooooh cute, it is:)

  2. This is cute :3 I thought of mugs when I first saw them too xD

    As for your question... I did my friend's nails a floral pattern that resembled the china tea sets before. I loved it <3 Planning to recreate them on my own nails soon ^^

    1. You've done porcelain nails before? That's so awesome :o
      I want to see your rendition of it when you post it :)

  3. eek this is so cute! it reminds me of the illustrations in winnie the pooh :3
    that illamasqua color is so interesting btw.. i feel like its missing something.. like it needs a pigment boost or SOMETHING haha. it's a sweet color though, looks like a good palate cleanser! :D

    1. Thanks! Yes, Winnie the Pooh.. childhood memories...
      I'm with you on the colour of Load, it's totally amazing but it would benefit from a bit of shimmer or a hint of translucent glitter(maybe like DH StH?) then it would be perfect. However, I do love it as a base of nail art!



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