Saturday, February 11, 2012

SH blue me away with DL Stairway to Heaven mattified! GOSH Matte Effect Top Coat

I was craving a matte topcoat and I grabbed the GOSH matte top coat to sate my hunger! I was wearing Sally Hansen Blue Me Away! (My favouritest blue creme ever) with Deborah Lippmann Stairway to Heaven on top. I liked it shiny, but I felt like the sparkle was too much. When I used the matte topcoat, it looked to beautiful and iridescent ... sort of like fish scales. This topcoat actually impressed me - I still don't have access to Essie Matte About You but from what I remember, it doesn't stay matte for very long (totally matte for a day, then starts looking shinier). This matte topcoat is wonderful! Went on nice, dried fast, I did not have any issues with it turning solid white and the best part is that it stayed totally matte for 3 days! I started noticing a change in surface finish after 3 days of washing, cleaning and typing. Nice. 
I want to do a comparison later on with Essie MAB, but so far I give it a giant thumbs up! It was only 6$ dollars compared to Essie MAB at 12$ as well, so big points for GOSH!


  1. I am absolutely in love with that blue matified!!

  2. Great matte glitter! I've been thinking of getting Essie's Matte About You but now I might have to look into GOSH! Looks like a good deal, glad I saw this!



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