Tuesday, February 21, 2012

China Glaze - Some Like It Haute

China Glaze - Some Like it Haute is one of new 3D Glitters from the winter 2012 collection - Eye Candy.
It's a charcoal glitter base with holographic specks and flecks, multisized glitter and all sorts of shiny things! SLIH has a rough texture, takes about 3 coats to look solid, and shines like a diamond. This is one of those "topcoat eaters", where if you apply topcoat, it will become absorbed by the glitter and you might have to apply another coat. I don't mind too much though, it's such an amazing polish! My nails feel like a disco ball when I wear this color... Mesmerizing.
I didn't like the application too much, as it was a little runny, but goopy. However, it did become solid in a few coats, which is a big plus. Glitter doesn't catch on the previous layer, which makes it easier to apply than   other glitters. I'm personally impressed with the drying time and the combination of dark grey glitter with holographic particles, it's so beautiful!

Check out that bottle:

What do you think of 3d glitters? I find them a pain in the butt to remove but definitely worth the pain!
Do you like glitter in general?


  1. this is an excellent glitter! definitely comparable to a disco ball hehe :D

  2. It looks pretty on you! I love glitter myself, glittermbombs, chunky glitters, shaped glitters, everything! (the only thing I hate is the removal... thank MUA for teaching me the foil method :)

    1. Yes, the foil method is a lifesaver... otherwise I couldn't even consider glitter (but it sure does look pretty in bottles!)

  3. Aw man, sooo sparkly! Very nice color. :)

  4. This looks gorgeous! I'm torn between this and Techno!



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