Monday, December 26, 2011

Sally Jansen Xtreme wear - Red Carpet

with flash
no flash

Red Carpet is a dark red "jelly" with red glitter and a raspberry tint in bright light. It dries a little dark, very deep dark red, which weirded me out a little bit. I'm not a lover of vampy colors and this is a little too close to vampy for my liking. The redeeming feature is that the red glitter lights up when in a bright environment! The dark red becomes a raspberry red and very very sparkly. Red Carpet was a little gritty when it dried, which was a turn off. The base is not a true jelly but rather a transparent glitter base which becomes "flat" when dries. Topcoat helps it to regain a jelly look but it just isn't the same...another thing I noticed is after THREE hours I started to get pretty bad tipwear. There is no excuse! I use the keyboard at work, so next morning the first thing I saw? Chips. CHIPS AFTER LESS THAN 12 HOURS of sleep and then 30 mins if work. How is that possible? I used a topcoat and wrapped the tips but they still chipped. I've never had that happen before so early...This is a fail for me. Looks like this is my first Xtreme Wear disappointment.


  1. Maybe! It did wear poorly, but I had no idea age could affect its wear and tear ability. I'm still wearing 5 year old sally hansens without an issue though. Maybe it was a bad bottle!

  2. Aww this looks like such a pretty color, but your review of it is just terrible D: I haven't tried any colors from that line, but hopefully they're not just as bad!

  3. Yeah I was shocked that it didn't work for me, too. I do love the rest of those SH xtreme wears though, their cremes are fantastic and the glitters are good :D



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