Tuesday, December 27, 2011

L'Oreal - Owl's Night and nfu-oh 38

L'Oreal Owl's Night is something I picked up on a whim, I really loved the way it looked in the bottle! A beautiful deep olive, chock full of slightly greenish golden shimmer...at least that's what it seemed like. On the nail, shimmer is much more subdued and it comes out looking more brown than olive. If you look closer, it's still that mysterious olive base with gold shimmer. Application is okay, nothing notable. Takes 2 coats to fully show up, but I used 3 for max opacity. It dries a little gritty, but a topcoat helps a great deal. I did not like the way it looked at first but then it grew on me a little bit. It's a very sophisticated color, subtle and neutral yet still edgy and dark. 
check dat color shift!

I decided to layer some flakies over it as well (nfu-oh 38) to give it a bit of flair. I find that the flakies work VERY well on this polish, since it gives way to the orange color a lot more than green. The combo reminds me of fallen leaves... very autumn-y!


  1. Such a gorgeous combo!! Those flakies look amazing!!

  2. Thank you! I had no idea the flakies would turn orange...accidental awesome :3



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