Friday, December 2, 2011

Bornpretty dotting tools review

Amanda from Bornpretty was awesome and sent me some dotting tools to do a review on!
I've always wanted dotting tools, so this makes me a happy nail junkie. I tried making hearts and dots, all turned out beautifully. I really love how there's many tools and each is a double ended stick with different dots on it. You can make big dots and small's just awesome.

I already did a mani with the dotting tools, it's located right over here (clicky)

Also, they gave me a discount code! So if you want to browse, use this code at checkout to get a discount! 5% off ANNAOl73, valid before 02/01/2012 over at

This item was sent to me for review from


  1. these are soo pretty! i just picked up some random ones at my local craft store.. they're just wooden though, nothing special :P

  2. Wooden ones? I wonder if they survive polish remover they work nicely for you? :D



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