Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Inter color pretty nail flower polish 305

The entire title? Yeah, that's on the handle. This is the only english I found on the bottle, but on the receipt they came up as i-charm. For the sake of easiness, I will refer to them as i-charm.
I-charm 305 is a rich raspberry jelly packed with shimmer and sparkles. It's sort of a jelly sandwich in a bottle.
The color is very sheer but applies smoothly. The photos are showing about 4 coats with a topcoat over it. This  polish doesn't smell as bad as Sexy Bombs but it is missing the metal ball like many Korean polishes I have. Another problem I have with i-charms is their drying time. The mani stayed a little squishy for a long time, possibly because I had to do so many coats to get it to show like in the bottle. Other than that, I really love the color since it's just so...juicy and candy-like. It's a very pretty polish in the sun and makes me think of summer.

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