Friday, November 11, 2011

Inter color pretty nail flower - 204

This is another Korean polish I got on my trip to Vancouver. In the bottle, it is a frosty pink with very fine glitter. I was afraid of it at the beginning, because I do not often like to wear pearly or frosty colors, but I finally gave it a try. Turns out this is a jelly, packed with shimmer and it is very very sheer. In the photos, I'm wearing 4 coats and even then, you can still see my nail beds and tips. I could not get the soft pink color that the bottle shows, but it is a nice color nevertheless. Even on the nail, it looks like I perfectly applied a frosty polish, since it does not show streaks. But if you look closer, you can identify that it is more of a shimmer than a frost finish.
It's a very interesting color, but a little bland for me. It sort of makes me feel like a bride...It is so light and airy and feminine. This polish does not dry as fast as I'd like, but Seche Vite fixes that.


  1. Since this one is so sheer, maybe it'd make a really good layering polish? :D

  2. I was thinking so too! Maybe over pink or like pastels? Yellows, lilacs...etc :D



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