Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sexy bomb S71

Untried swatch time!
Sexy Bomb s71 

Lookit this bottle! There's even a purple flash on the edge!!

No cleanup because I took this off pretty soon.
I swatched s71 since it looked like the perfect deep mystical forest green in the bottle, but came out grainy black on the nail with a green flash. This polish is a BLACK base with green shimmer. The black eclipses most of the shimmer, so it's more an edgy black as opposed to a forest green. 
The best way I can describe this color is "goth Christmas".
I'm a little disappointed in the color of this polish, especially since it looks FANTASTIC in the bottle, but oh well.
Application, however, was great and it was solid within two coats. The drying time is very fast for the Sexy Bomb polishes and it was really fun to play with. I might use it to Konad later on. 

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