Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sexy bomb s22

Sexy Bomb s22 is another amazing polish that came home with me from Metrotown's Faceshop, Vancouver BC. I hauled most of these on the account that they look like fantastic duochromes in the bottle, but so far it's been a trend with them looking much less impressive, but still very pretty on the nail. 

S22 is a sandy/camel base with light brown shimmer. It translates to a warm beige shimmer on my nail, sort of like a darker champagne. I did notice that it gives off a green flash, as seen on the index finger and it's visible in both daylight and indoor light. Application is AWESOME and only took me 2 coats to get it solid. Sexy Bombs come with a wide brush but it's not clunky and works well. The polish itself seems pretty runny, so I was surprised at the opacity I got. I really do love this color, it's not bright but not quite a neutral at all... very unique.
I think I have about 2-3 more Sexy bombs left to swatch!

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