Tuesday, August 23, 2011

China Glaze - strawberry fields

I'm going to start with China Glaze - Strawberry fields.
This is a cool pink with lots of gold shimmer, which really comes through in sunlight, but still shows when I'm indoors as well.
I would describe is a "juicy", as in, it looks good enough to eat! I find that the base pink is a little too cool for me, it's almost magenta, but the warm-toned shimmer really balances it out.
The application was smooth, two coats was sufficient to make it opaque, it wasn't goopy, which is great! However, I'm not sure about the staying power, since I change my mani every few days (it did last for 3 days)
In conclusion: not bad! I didn't expect this colour to apply so smoothly and look so good in the sun, that was a nice surprise.

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